How to Save WiFi Password From Hacking | Limit Access Wifi

When we hear sound WiFi, only one thing come to mind - Password 😉😉 When we access our own wifi, along with accessing wifi we get to see that someone unknown (neighbors) is too connected to our wifi network. But you can easily access limit to your wifi to have limited connection without headache. People do search on Google About How to Access Limit to Wifi or How to Keep Safe WIFI password. I got many Emails or requests to write this post. So finally i'm writing this to show you guys how you can keep safe your Connection.

Well It's quite easy to Make your Connection Safe. It's 100% in your Hands. In today's time this seems difficult to keep safe Wifi Network from Hacking. Any Expert Can Hack Your Wifi Easily.

  • How to Keep Safe Wifi Connection From Hacking :

  • First Connect your Computer to the WIFI Network.
  • Now open the IP Address of your Wifi Router in Web Browser. It could be like Etc.
IP Address Can be found Written on Router/Router Box.

  •  Now enter your Wifi Router's Username & Password.
Generally By Default Username & Password Both Will be Kept - "ADMIN"

  • Now go to Advanced Settings Then go to Wireless Setting.
  • Now click on Setup Access List It will redirect you to Wireless Card Access List.
  • Now click on ADD Button & Add those Devices which should be connected to your Wifi Network.
  • Now you'll need to Enter device's Name & MAC Address.
You Can google : How to Find Android/PC Mac Address.

  • Now Tick on Turn Access Control ON Field.
Now only those devices will be connected to your WIFI Which are listed in the Access List. You can Add up more devices to connect More.

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