5 Best Antivirus Apps For Android (Free) - 2016

When we talk about security of an Android phone, there are lots of debates that tell you different things. Some says that you shouldn't use any Security in form of Antivirus for Android Smartphone & some tells the opposite. Actually there're some factors that would help you to understand about the reality of Necessity of An Antivirus App for Android. In this part we will learn about the Same & At last i would suggest you some Free Antivirus Apps that will be provided by Many developers, available on Google Play store.

In order to make your Smartphone Faster than Now, Perhaps it will come to your Mind to Use an Antivirus App but It is Really a Good thought?

Well, It depends on the Apps you have in your Phone. If your All Apps have been taken from Play Store & your Phone is ready to Boost them already, You should not Install any third Party app to Manage your RAM Memory. Becuase instead of boosting your RAM they can reach any harm to your Machine. 

It's not bad also to Use them Becuase Antivirus apps can save you from Malware Attacks, they can also prevent you from going on a Wrong or Virus containing Web Page.

If you Really want to use An Antivirus App here are some Good Apps that you can try :

1. 360 Securiy - Antivirus Boost 

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It can Keep Safe your Phone from Trojan & Viruses. Along with this You can Delete all Waste Cache File in one Click & It also Optimize Apps, running in Background. It has Multiple uses like Applock, Memory Booster, Junk file Cleaner Etc. It also Promises to Keep your Battery Optimized & It will also Reduce the Battery Usage at a Single time by Optimizing all the Apps, Running in Background.

2. Norton Security & Antivirus 

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This is the best & My Facourite App becuase it can also Do Multiple jobs for Your Smartphone. You can also Block Unwanted Calls through this App, you can avoid Malware infected site or Webpage, It has a capability of Scanning & Removing apps if they have any Malicious thing, Malware or Spyware.

3. CM Security AppLock Antivirus

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Well This is the one, made for them who want Much secured Apps because it can do a hell lot of things for Installed Android Apps like it supports Fingerprint Lock for Apps, it Can Capture photo if Someone try to Access your Phone by Entering Wrong Pattern/password. It has also Many Features like Scan SD Card, Anti Theft protection, System Scanner, Safe browsing & A lot more !!

4. Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

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Its Also free to Download As Well. It can simply Catch Malware, Spyware, Trojan & Remove them from your System. You can also Protect your Personal Data through this App & Along with this Unwanted Calls & SMS Also can be blocked through this Beast. Some features of App - Block Dangerous Sites & URLs, Find my Lost Phone, Personal Data protection Etc. You can easily download this App from Play store.

5. Avast Mobile Security 

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Avast Mobile Security for Android scans and secures against infected files, unwanted privacy phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans. This mobile security app featuring both antivirus and Wi-Fi vulnerability protection. It contains Antivirus Engine, Call Blocker, App Locking Etc.

At last :

You can Choose Any one From the Above List. These All are Free Anivirus Apps For Android that Are Recommended by US & People also Like them very Much. If you do Normal stuff on your Phone, There's no need to Install any App like Speed Booster, Antivirus Just take them Casually & Focus on your Work :)

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