How to Know Internet Speed | Test Your Internet Speed

Hey !! Many of us take different kind of internet connections of different Speed. But after taking the connection from your local/national internet service provider, You tried to know ever what’s the speed is coming in your Current Internet Connection? No? Don’t Know How to do that? Stay here !!

 Our today’s tutorial is about the Same in which you’ll get to know about How to test Internet Speed. So let’s begin & try to know how to do the same in Android or PC step by step.

  • How to Know Your Internet Speed?

Android :

In android to check your current internet speed is so easy. You just need to Install An App Called SpeedTest. Don’t worry about the Authentication of The App. 

App is fully Certified & Listed too On Google Play Store. Links to download this App is given below of Play Store & External Source (In case if your play store is not working).

  • Open up the App & Click on Begin Test Button. your Internet Speed test will be started after PING. Wait For like 5-10 Seconds.
  • After completing the Speed Test you will be able to see Like this - 

  1. Here you can see how much time it took to Ping. Time is given in form of MS (Milli Seconds).
  2. Here you can see the Download Speed of your Internet Connection.
  3. Here you can see the Upload Speed Of your Internet Connection.
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  5. By Clicking here you can again Test your Internet Speed.
  6. Here you can see list of Some Last Results that you have done !
That's how you can easily do it in your Android Phone.


As we talked earlier !! Its too very simple for PC/Laptop. You’ll just need to open a website to do this & You’ll get to know, How fast your Internet Work.

The Website is fully authorized &  You should not bring any kind of thought in your Mind before using App & Website.
Simply do Follow as you have done on Android. The basic process is Absoulutely Same. If there's any querry Let's Know in the comment section Below.

Don't Forget to Give us your Valuable suggestion & Share this as much as you can with your Friends.

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