How to Encrypt USB Drive in PC Without Software | Windows Default Option To Password Protect Your Drive

Have you ever thought about USB Flash Drive Protection? We often use Pen drive, or other USB Devices daily & we render large amount of data in them but when you want to Encrypt your data stored in USB drive & go on to the Internet to see some methods for Encrypting a USB Storage Device but you get to know that No method works without Softwares & software can be harmful for your machine. So do you know there's a Inbuilt option to Encrypt An Usb Drive in our Windows & most of us are unaware about that.

  • How to Encrypt USB Drive Without Software?

  • Open up the Control Panel Of Your Windows.
  • Now Select Large Icons From View By Dropdown Menu (At Top Right Corner)
  • Click on BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  • You'll be able to See All Drives Attached to your PC [External or Internal]
  • Select one Of those to Encrypt & Click on Turn On Bitlocker.
  • Enter your Password & Click on Next.
  • Select a Recovery method [In Case you forgot Your Password]
  • Now click on Next.
That's it !! Your Drive is Encrypted/Password Proected Now. Noone can Access that Without Entering Password.

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