How to Fix Dead Laptop Battery At Home | Ultimate Technique

Hey !! In this article we are gonna tell something important. Every component of computer or laptop take place in a Computer Cell. Laptops are standing on a Battery that can be costly for anyone. Laptop batteries often goes dead. Today we are going to tell you how can you give a new life to your laptop's battery and save some money 😂 so let's begin😉

How to fix dead laptop battery?

 All you need to fix your laptop's Battery at home - A Freeze😀 & A Freezer in itself😉

  • First take your dead battery and put it inside the Zip Lock Bag. Bag should be sealed from inside.
  • Now place the Zip Lock Bag (containing dead battery) into the Freezer😃 & pull it out after 12 Hours of placing.
  • After pulling it out from Zip Lock Bag, Leave the battery till it comes to the normal temperature.

Remember don't put battery inside the laptop before it comes to the Very Normal temperature otherwise it can arrive any harm to your machine.

  • Now wipe battery with a dry cloth if there seems water.
  • Now put it inside the laptop & Don't shut on laptop Now. First charge it. Leave the battery to gain some heat while charging from charging heat.
  • After Charging Open the laptop & Use it, Discharge it !!
  • Repeat the process of Charging & Discharging 4-5 Times.

Hurrah!!!!!! You did it ! 👍👍

Note: Apply this Trick only to NiCD & NiMH Batteries. Be careful while doing all steps of technique😉 This Method Doesn't work with any kind of battery except than NiCD or NiMH😞

Well that's was mine. Share your thoughts below in the comment section. let's us know about any error & don't forget to give us your valuable suggestion😀

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